Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant

Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant Review: The Ultimate Clear Sealant for Your RV!

Product Overview

Before plunging into the details of this product, let’s take a step back and understand what you’re getting yourself into.

Product Title: Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant, Clear

Named aptly, the Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant—Clear is a clear sealant designed specifically for RVs, and its title reflects its purpose and functionality.

Product Description

For a reliable sealant that can withstand various environmental conditions, you need a product that can adapt to your needs, and that’s exactly what the Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant—Clear offers.

To give you a better understanding of its capabilities, this sealant boasts a flash point of 93.0 degrees Celsius, ensuring excellent adhesion to many surfaces, even when damp. It’s resealable, allowing you to apply it over itself if needed, and it’s also paintable, resisting dirt pick-up. Moreover, the cured sealant is mildew-resistant, giving you peace of mind knowing your RV is protected from the elements.

Key Features

A closer look at the Ultimate Clear Sealant reveals a range of impressive features that make it an ideal choice for your sealing needs. Here are some of the key features that set it apart:

  • Flash point of 93.0°C, ensuring safe and reliable performance
  • Excellent adhesion to many surfaces, even when damp.
  • Resealable, allowing for easy reapplication
  • May be applied over itself for added convenience.
  • Paintable, giving you the freedom to customize the finish.
  • It resists dirt pick-up, reducing maintenance and upkeep.
  • Cured sealant is mildew-resistant, promoting a healthy and safe environment.

The Ultimate Clear Sealant is designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting seal, making it perfect for a variety of applications.

Flash Point and Temperature Resistance

On the topic of temperature resistance, the Ultimate Clear Sealant boasts an impressive flash point of 93.0 °C. This means you can trust it to perform well even in extreme temperature conditions.

Adhesion to Surfaces

An important aspect of any sealant is its ability to adhere to surfaces. The Ultimate Clear Sealant excels in this area, providing excellent adhesion to many surfaces, even when damp.

For instance, you can use it on a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic, without worrying about it losing its grip. This makes it perfect for applications where a strong bond is crucial.


Some of the most important aspects of a sealant’s performance are its ability to withstand the elements and maintain its integrity over time. The Geocel Clear RV Sealant delivers on these expectations, providing a reliable and durable seal that you can count on.

Paintability and dirt resistance

Assuming you plan to paint over the sealant, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s fully paintable, allowing you to achieve a seamless finish. Additionally, the sealant resists dirt pick-up, ensuring that your RV’s surface remains clean and free of unwanted marks.

Mildew Resistance

Performance-wise, the Geocel Clear RV Sealant also boasts excellent mildew resistance, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy and safe environment within your RV.

With its mildew-resistant properties, you can rest assured that the sealant will prevent the growth of mold and mildew, even in damp or humid conditions. This is especially important for RV owners who store their vehicles in areas prone to moisture or high humidity. By preventing mildew growth, you’ll reduce the risk of unpleasant odors, discoloration, and damage to your RV’s surfaces.


When considering using the Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant, you’ll appreciate the little conveniences that make a big difference.

Resealable Container

While working on your RV, you don’t want to worry about wasting sealant or having to buy a new tube every time you need to make a repair. That’s why the resealable container is a game-changer. You can use what you need and save the rest for future projects.

Ability to Apply Over Itself

One of the most convenient features of this sealant is its ability to be applied over itself. This means you can make repairs without having to completely remove the old sealant, saving you time and effort.

Resealable and reusable, this feature also allows you to build up layers of sealant as needed without having to start from scratch. This is especially useful when working on large projects or making repairs in tight spaces. With the Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant, you can work efficiently and effectively without having to worry about wasting time or materials.

To wrap up,

Ultimately, you’ve made an excellent decision considering the Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant for your RV’s sealing needs. With its impressive features, such as excellent adhesion to various surfaces, paintability, and resistance to dirt pick-up and mildew, you can trust that your RV is in good hands. This clear sealant is the ultimate solution for your RV, providing a durable and long-lasting seal that will withstand the elements. By choosing this product, you’re ensuring your RV remains protected and well-maintained for years to come.

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